2018  Photos by BIRON web exhibition: 'Verges victorieuses/ Hot Rods,' 37 signed 8x12" prints. See:

2014 The Kinsey Institute, University of Indiana, Bloomington. Group exhibition:  FLORA presents including my Asian Male Nudes book,  January 24 – April 4, 2014.

2014 The Artists Corner Gallery & Bookmaking, 1546 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles to 2/28 (Same'Sailor Boy' photo as exhibited in LGBTQ juried show listed below.)

2014 The First International LGBTQ Juried Show: ROUND HOLE SQUARE PEG, a new LGBT visual  aesthetic for the 21st Century, at Photo LA (L.A MART), Jan. 16-19,

2013-14 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. 'NUS MASCULINS,' Nov. 30, 2013-January 31, 2014.

2013-14 Kinsey Institute, University of Indiana, Bloomington. Group exhibition: 'Past/Present,' August 6, 2013-January 15, 2015

2013 Camerawork Gallery, 1011 Market St., 2nd floor - Book Exhibition:"Transfixed by Art," 15x11.5" 100 page hardcover.

2012 Center for Sex And Culture, 1349 Mission St., 'Tough Love,' Folsom St. Fair group show (30 artists), curated by Dr. Jordy Jones, September 7-31.

2012 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. One-man show: 'Nus masculins asiatiques/Asian Male  Nudes,' See:, April 4-May 26.

2012 Leslie-Lohman LGBT Museum, 26 Wooster St., NYC. Group exhibition: 'UNCENSORED: Queer Art and the  Church,' March 27-31. Image of Richie Williams in Leslie-Lohman Museum's quarterly journal, The Archive No. 41 (NYC, Spring 2012) p.10.

2011 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. 'Gay Bonheur,' August.

2011 The Kinsey Institute, University of Indiana, Bloomington.  Annual Juried Art Show, May 20- July 30.

2010 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. 'nus masculins de 1870-2010,' May-July.

2008 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. 'Marins/Légionaires,' September-October.

2007 Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery, 10 rue Chabanais, Paris. 'Le Corps et son Visage,' group show, May 16-June 30.

2003 MAGNET Health Center for gay men, 4122 18th St. - Opening Group photography show including: Tom Bianchi, Paul Brown, Mark Chester, Duane Cramer, James Scott Geras, Steve Savage and Christopher, July 4-31.

2003 Rumi Misabu's Photo Salon, 70-A Henry St. -group exhibition: CAMERADERIE, May 17-18.

2003 Blow Buddies, gay sex club, 933 Harrison St., 'Photos by BIRON: Hard Boys Only,' (color photocopies) March 1-28.

1999 A Different Light bookstore, 489 Castro St., 'Photos by BIRON: Pretty Boys' Exhibition - April 1-30.

1999 INSOMNIA Art/Photography - BIRON online Guest Gallery (Paris).

1998 UTOPIA Exhibition (Bangkok, Thailand). An online selection of Biron's photos from 1994-98 curated by Utopia, a major Gay Asian website on the Internet @

1998 Le Spartac Café, 3 Place Saint Paul, Lyon, France. 'Exhibition: Yannic Huneau et Biron: Gay Men in 3D Scenes.' My photos in collages created by the French artist, September 5-October 3.

1997-2019 Photos by BIRON (USA). Evolved into 200+ free Photos by Biron

1997-98 Photos by BIRON online 18+Adult Galleries (Amsterdam) X-rated male photos.

1997-98 'A Bad Boys presents Photos by BIRON' (Amsterdam). Online gallery, 25 X-rated photos.

1997 Interview and photographs in MANBASE, multi-lingual European gayzine (Germany, Nov.).

1996 People's Cafe, 1419 Haight St. Hand colored 32"x40" blow-ups of portraits from CLUB JESUS - October 1-20- Closed 10/5.

1996 Wings Galleria. Group show of donated works for AIDS fund raising auction at SF-Eagle.

1996 ARTwork Gallery, 1837 Divisidero – Group exhibitions: 'Men at Work" and "Over 50' including Roberto Montoya, John LeFlore, Robert Morgan and Johnny Davis - July 12-19.   

1996 Moby Dick, Castro gay bar, 4049 18th St., 'Erotic portraits' - june 24-July 10. Closed 6/25.

1995 Lone Star Saloon, SOMA gay bar, 1354 Harrison St. – 'Homage to Peter Berlin,' October 18-30.

1995 RoB Gallery, SF SOMA store gallery. Photos featuring Dwone Jones and Zak Chandler.

1995 Pancho Villa- Mission taqueria, 3071 16th St., 2nd exhibition of 80"x128"photocopy blow-ups - Thru February 3.

1994 Electric City/Cheap TV - Sundays, SF Cable 35, 10p.m. - SF weekly gay TV show. Video-taped Photos by BIRON.

1994 Worn Out West, Castro men's clothing store group exhibition, September 14-28.

1994 Castro Station gay bar. Selected works from the previous Eagle Gay Pride Exhibition, July 8-31.

1994 SF-Eagle gay bar, 398 12th St., 'Male Nudes: A Rainbow of Color' - Gay Pride exhibition, June-July 7.

1994 Ram Studios, 4077A 18th St., SF Castro. Pride invitational Exhibition including Peter Berlin & Tom Bianchi, June 2-August 31.

1994 Scott Nichols Gallery, 49 Geary St. -Group exhibition: 'The Male Nude' with Edward Weston, Paul Cadmus, Judy Dater, Diane Arbus, Bruce of LA, Peter Stackpole, Arthur Tress, Joel-Peter Witkin – May 4th-June 25th.

1994 Giladon Sushi Bar, 538 Valencia St. -Architect/musician AON (Architecture of Noise) 11x14" color prints, April 22-May 28.

1994 Zip Zap hair salon, 245 Fillmore St., 'Really Big Shots' 1st exhibition of photocopy blow-ups, March 23-April 23.

1994 The End Up, gay dance bar, 401 6th St., 20"x30" Kodak color prints.

1994 Café International - music/literary cafe, 245 Fillmore St. - "Beiieve it or..' 1st Exhibition of 80 x128" photocopy blow-ups

1994 Headquarters, gay leather/military bar, 469 Castro St bar - Multicultural 20"x30" color prints, January 31-February 28.

1993 A Different Light bookstore, 489 Castro St., 'Year of the Queer' photo exhibition  - 20x30"color prints of the1993 SF Pride Celebration – to September 24.

1979 Fey-Way Studios, Robert Opel's art gallery, 1287 Howard St. Group show: 1st year anniversary , March 1-22.

1979 Artist Guild of Detroit, Group exhibition: 'Lightworks Envelope Show; Exhibition of  Mail Art.'

1978 Ann Arbor (Michigan) Public Library. Group mail art exhibition: 'Lightworks Envelope Show.'

1978 Top Floor Gallery.  Group Gay Pride open exhibition, photocopied collages from Ann Arbor, at SF's first GayCenter, June.

1977 Café Ladyfingers, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 'The Vogel Show Leftovers' conceptual piece.

1961 University of New Hampshire (UNH) Student Union, Durham, NH. 'Lens & Shutter' Juried photo exhibition: 1st and 3rd place ribbons, one for a 1959 photo of newly opened Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum in NYC.