This book contains most of the Photos by BIRON in the Paris Exhibition: NUS MASCULINS ASIATIQUES/ ASIAN MALE NUDES held at Nicole Canet's Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery in Paris from April 4 through May 26, 2012, and is published in conjuction with this show. Rare are the books and even rarer are the exhibitions that deal with this subject matter largely ignored by photographers both within and outside Asia. I wish to thank all my Asian models to whom I am greatly indebted including these 25 models featured in this book and exhibition: Alex, Ba, Bradford, Cyprus, Devish, Dong, Freddie, Hogan, Issey, Jefferson, Jon, John, Johnny, Justin, Kenjiro, Leo, Micko, Oz, Paul, Rak, Robye, Steve, Teddy, Thom and Zgy.

BIRON began taking photos as a teenager in the mid 1950s and won prizes for his work as early as 1961. A published academic who specialized on Tristan Tzara, a founder of the Dada movement, he taught at three American Universities. While at the University of Michigan, where he did some of his graduate studies, he was a founding member of Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) and wrote articles and participated in the emerging US Gay movement. In the 1970s, he was also active in the Mail Art movement. In 1978, he left academia and relocated to Gay friendly San Francisco. 

Since the early 1990s, BIRON 's photography has focused on images of youthful multicultural males and he has documented street break dancers and gay public events in San Francisco like the annual Pride celebrations and the Folsom St. Fair. His male photography has been exhibited at the Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco, Nicole Canet's Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery in Paris (who represented him for 13 years until 2019), and at the Kinsey Institute's 2011 Juried Art Show in Bloomington, Indiana. His work has been published in 10 photography books and several gay magazines globally including Blue (Australia), Têtu (France), XY (USA) and OG (Singapore). 

This deluxe limited first edition (20 copies) is available directly from the photographer for US $250.  For additional information and sample pages ofor email:   or write: L. Biron, 770 California St. #307, San Francisco, CA 94108.  To view a digital copy of the book, just click on the above OPEN BOOK.