“With flowers the sex is up-front and x-rated.” -Harold Davis, Photographing Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis (2012)




Boys and Flowers

A book of flowers will always bloom pages of love. –Anthony Hincks





Horace's carpe diem when transposed from a beautiful young female to an emerging young man – still the boy – is the inspiration for many of these photographs. "Mignon, alons voir si la rose ..." Ronsard, the 16th Century French poet, might well have written had he been similarly inclined. As a photographer speciaizing in 18+ male multicultural beauties, I have gathered, over the years, as many photographic rosebuds as I could. I hope you enjoy the results of this endeavor and will see the obvious connection with these young men and the variety of flowers in full bloom at their peak of perfection." -biron