The still image. The static capture of a moment in time. Preserving what was, as it was, forever. Yet, through digital manipulation, still fluid and versatile. The image remains, but the texture, atmosphere, and nuance become variable.

This gallery has its origins in an early collaboration with my fellow online erotica pioneer Biron, created in those early days of provocative innovation when the phenomenon of Internet exhibitionism was still a new and avant-garde affront. Now, years later, these original images have been given new life through electronic transformation.

Times change. That which was once cutting edge becomes overshadowed by a torrent of click-and-post micro exhibitions. Yet through it all, originals like Biron and myself progress steadfast amid the noise to sustain an authentic aesthetic that remains as distinctive today as when it first ruffled feathers at the dawn of the web.

-- Toaph

September 16, 2014

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