CASTRO CELEBRATION – Saturday, June 26, 2021 ENTER

THE PEOPLE'S MARCH – Sunday, June 27, 2021 ENTER

THE PEOPLE'S MARCH opposes the over-commercialism of the official annual San Francisco Pride Parade. Where are the local merchants who can no longer afford the inflated price of float permits which favor big corporations? Why are the porn companies that early financed our movement no longer allowed to participate?  We seek to bring this made-for-TV sanitized, censored event back to its essential sensual and sexual roots! If we are not about SEX who is?  If you reject the tired assimilation politics of Gay Rights promoted by Harvey Milk when in 1978 – to get the 'No on 6' state proposition defeated – declared to California straight voters that we were just like them except whom we slept with, isn't it time to chose Freedom and an all inclusive Liberation for our community and all oppressed groups? Marriage tax breaks are not what we are about. -biron