The Banana
Photos by BIRON


Photographer Biron's male model Jowee Arenaz is featured in this limited first edition of THE BANANA , published in July 2007, and available from the photographer.  

Jowee Arenaz animates with considerable wit the trite story line of this book – a naked male in heat fucks himself silly with a banana before eating it.  These photographs unfolded naturally, quite impromptu, with no specific script in mind.  BIRON simply clicked away as Jowee mugged for the camera in the photographer's San Francisco Nob Hill studio.  It took only a few minutes to capture a wide range of emotions as reflected in the model's extreme facial gestures and contorted posturing.

A strong dose of tongue in cheek humor permeates these images and distinguishes them from traditional pornography. We are made to view an intimate act of auto-eroticism as if it were some slapstick comedy routine. However, this irreverent horseplay with a sexual taboo is not without its pathos. Our sense of humor is clearly challenged by these images.  Are we witnessing an aberrant sex act or a prank – the mockery of a true clown? Ambivalence is also the soul of wit.

These photos were taken on August 20, 2004.  This was BIRON's fourth shoot with model Jowee Arenaz. He found this energetic, inquisitive young man to be remarkably talented, versatile and uninhibited in front of his camera as these photographs clearly demonstrate.

 This 8.5"x11" grey clothbound hardcover book, THE BANANA, is the first of Biron's self-published deluxe editions and contains 52 original Photos by BIRON, including  9 full page images,  printed on quality glossy paper. The first edition is signed and numbered and contains, in a glassine protective envelope, one loose 8"x10" black and white print from the book that is also signed and numbered by the photographer.

Priced at $300 (email for availability) this deluxe limited first edition (only 100 copies) is available directly from the photographer or from the Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery in Paris.  For additional information and sample pages of the books, please click on the image above or email:  <>. or write: L. Biron, 770 California St. #307, San Francisco, CA 94108-2421.  (California residents must add applicable sales tax.)

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